Custom Pin Badges

Fancy yourself a bit of an artist? Ever had an idea for a pin badge but wasn't sure on how to get the ball rolling? Well look no further! From illustrating to helping with the final design to getting them made for you...I'm here to make your pin dream a reality! 

So there's a few different types of badges which use slightly altered materials, and each one will have a different finish. So what are the main badges people use?

Soft Enamel Pin Badges

Soft Enamel Pins have the enamel dripped into the recess of the stamped area of the badge and when baked leaves a smooth dip which raises the metal above the enamel. Most traditional pin badges you see on the market are made using this method.

Hard Enamel Pin Badges

Hard Enamel Pins are super hard wearing mainly due to the way they're made. The stamped metal is filled with colour and when it sets, it's polished flat leaving a really smooth flat surface. These are perfect if you want to have a gold or silver finish to your pin.


So What's The Procedure?

Once you have an idea or final artwork, get in touch! I can give you a quote within 24hours and pins usually take 2-4 weeks to be made. I have over a decade experience as a graphic designer and illustrator and I have designed over 200 pins for my own store and other brands, so I'm on hand to give you any tips and advice you need to make the best pin possible.

Once the design is finished, I can send you a quote along with a design proof so you can see how the pin will look.

Things To Think About!

Size matters! Although smaller pins can look neater and cuter, if you have a lot of detail in your design or some text, you might want to go a little bigger just so you can fit everything onto your badge. 

Colours Cost! The more colours you have in your design, the more it's going to cost to get made. You're not looking at loads more money, but if you can cut some colours out, it might be worth it. But if you need a second opinion, feel free to drop me a line!

Back Stamp! If you have a brand name or logo, have you thought about getting it stamped onto the back? It gives a great finishing touch and the stamp can be used again on future pins.


If this sounds good to you and you'd like to talk more, feel free to drop me and email HERE or to If you have your design all finished and ready to go, make sure you attach it as a PDF and I can get back to you with a quote. Thanks!