Springfield Pocket Monsters Trading Card Bundles
Springfield Pocket Monsters Trading Card Bundles
Springfield Pocket Monsters Trading Card Bundles
Springfield Pocket Monsters Trading Card Bundles

Springfield Pocket Monsters Trading Card Bundles

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All my trading cards are exactly the same dimensions as the original Pokemon cards with some tweaks to the characters moves and of course different artwork to match the pin. So you can actually still play the trading card game with these new cards!

If you're picking up one of the bundles then you'll get 15% off and the discount is already applied! Thanks!


BUNDLE 1 = Trading Cards of: Bart, Homer, Barney, Ralph, Sea Captain, The Bullies, Mr Burns, Groundskeeper Willie and Comic Book Guy.

BUNDLE 2 = Trading Cards of: Itchy, Scratchy, Mrs Krabappel, Krusty, Snake, Chief Wiggum, Hans Moleman and Frank Grimes.

BUNDLE 3 = Trading Cards of: Sideshow Bob, Otto, Marge, Maude Flanders, Hugo (Bart's evil twin), Rod and Todd Flanders, Milhouse, Bartman and Grandpa Simpson.

BUNDLE 4 = Trading Cards of: Jasper, Kang, Kodos, Crazy Cat Lady, Professor Frink and Blinky

BUNDLE 5 = Trading Cards of: Maggie, Lisa, Capital City Goofball, Nelson, John (Toy Store Owner), Mayor Quimby, Santas Little Helper, Carl, Ned Flanders and Disco Stu.

BUNDLE 6 = Trading Cards of: Moe, Duffman, Fat Tony, Lunch Lady Doris, Flying Hellfish, Coyote, Poochie and Lionel Hutz.

BUNDLE 7 = Trading Cards of: Wendel, Otto, Dr Nick, Lenny, Bumblebee Man, Cecil, Troy McClure and Gil

BUNDLE 8 = Trading Cards of: Handsome Pete, Principle Skinner, Akira, Stan Lee, Snowboall, Surly, Abu and Arnie Pie.

BUNDLE 9 = Trading Cards of: Dr Colossus, Luigi, Lucius Sweet, Pie Man, Mleeding Gums Murphy, Sideshow Raheem, Pinchy, Leon Kompowsky and Boobarella.

BUNDLE 10 = Trading Cards of: Kearney, Dolph and Jimbo, Johnny Tightlips, Jub Jub, Artie Ziff, Herb, Spotty Teen and Kent Brockman.

BUNDLE 11 = Trading Cards of: Falloutboy, Radioactive Man, Dr Hibbert, Tipsy, Patti and Selma and Mrs Bouvier, Madame Belle, Kirk Van Houton and Martin.

BUNDLE 12 = Trading Cards of: Mr Teeney, Lou, Cowboy Bob, Don Brodka, Lurleen Lumpkin, Spider Pig, Lyle Lanley, Cletus and Satan.

BUNDLE 13 = Trading Cards of: Scully, Mulder, Miss hoover, Uter, Crazy Old Man, Smithers, Mona Simpson and Roy.

BUNDLE 14 = Trading Cards of: Don Vottorio, Leopold, Judge Snyder, Zutroy, Agnes Skinner, Malloy (cat burglar), Kong Kong, Judge Harm and Larry Burns.

BUNDLE 15 = Trading Cards of: Jessica Lovejoy, Super Int Chalmers, Rex Banner, Jebediah Springfield, Sherri, Terri, Surly Joe, Sanjay and Ranier Wolfcastle.

BUNDLE 16 = Trading Cards of: Arthur and Gabbo, Eddie, Stone Cutter, Super Friends, Brandine, Drederick Tatum, Herman, Lawyer and Rich Texan.

BUNDLE 17 = Trading Cards of: Wise Guy, Gerald (monobrow baby), Princess Kashmir, Sarah Wiggum, Manjula, Sideshow Mel, Luann Van Houten, Freddy Quimby and Karl (Homer's assistant).

BUNDLE 18 = Trading Cards of: Mindy, Rabbi Krustofski, Nerds, Dr Marvin Monroe, Hank Scorpio, Helen Lovejoy, Sam (bar fly) and Ms Botz

ALL 151! = You'll receive all 151 trading cards in the series so far along with a carry case and free Simpsons x Pokemon pin.

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I was working on a new series where I mashed all 151 Gen 1 Pokemon with Simpsons characters. This project took two years to complete but I'm proud to say there are no duplicate characters and there's a thought process behind each one.