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Simpsons x Ghostbusters "Glow in the Dark" Pin Badge Set

Simpsons x Ghostbusters "Glow in the Dark" Pin Badge Set

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Ghostbusters is a timeless classic, so mashing it with The Simpsons just made me super happy inside. 

> Soft Enamel Pin Badge Set (all 4)
> Save over 15% when you buy this bundle!
> 40mm (1.6")
> Includes Clasp
> Makes clothing and stuff look super cool
> Avoid stabbing yourself in the eyes with it.
> Features glow in the dark slime on the badges (see below for more details)
> Price is for four pin badges (Homer, Bart, Carl and Prof Frink)


The slime on these pin badges is dipped with glow in the dark paint! Please note: glow in the dark paint works after absorbing natural sunlight so please wear them outside before testing them especially after they've been in a padded envelope for a few days! It's also worth noting that since this is coloured glow in the dark paint, it's not as bright as white glow in the dark paint...but nevertheless it's a nice touch!