• Self Loathing Primates Hard Enamel Ltd Edition Pin

Self Loathing Primates Hard Enamel Ltd Edition Pin

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  • Hard Enamel Pin Badge
  • 50mm / 1.96 inches
  • Blend of Hard Enamel and Screen Printing
  • Limited to 150 pieces
  • Back Stamped and Numbered
  • Double Backed

"The Self Loathing series was derived from feelings of mixed emotions and personal conflict - a constant struggle to be "a better version" of yourself. It comes from a place of feeling the pressure of spinning plates during your day to day life. Having work deadlines, trying to spend time with your family, looking after yourself, eating right and keeping fit, having time for friends - sometimes it feels like you're being pulled in multiple directions and instead of concentrating on one thing you end up accomplishing nothing. So with that I wanted to draw characters where on the surface they were themselves and seemed normal, but in their own mind they were split and were all these different personalities and ideals. I hope you enjoy the series and if you sometimes feel this way, I hope it reminds you that you're not alone" - Thumbs