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A Bit About Moi...

"I take stuff that you love...and make you love it more!"

Born and raised in London, I grew up skating and surrounded by skateboard art work. Heavily influenced by comic books, skate art and 90’s cartoons, when I started my “professional drawing career” I hit on a style that made me tingle all over. Taking existing cartoons that I loved and parodying and crossing them over with other cartoons, movies and pop culture references, just made perfect sense in my head. I started putting my drawings online and people soon requested more and that slowly turned into making stickers, pins and shirts. Now I’m lucky enough to be able to say that I “colour in and watch cartoons” for a living.

I'm available for hire if you have a brand that you need designs for or if you want help with an existing idea that needs to be made into digital art. Anyway, I hope you dig what I do...thanks for checking me out.

If you like what you see, there's more of my drawings on Instagram @THUMBS1