Nick Thompson, also known as Thumbs, is a graphic artist from the UK. Growing up in London, he developed his art style whilst creating graphics for local skateboard shops and swiftly moved into creating art full time in 2015. He has a nostalgic and vibrant style to his work, utilising pop culture icons whilst intertwining them with his own vision into large scale art pieces.


Thumbs has a very distinctive art style and breathes a new life into pop culture figures and creates a new world for them to exist in. His art style is well known for its reduced colour palette, bold black line work, coupled with a vast use of typography. He blends a vintage comic book feel with pop art stylings to create new pieces of work with a nostalgic vibe.


His skillset includes painting with brush work, murals, digital art and graphic design. He is comfortable taking a concept from its original idea and seeing it all the way through to its final stages. Thumbs has a wealth of experience with print processes, art toy manufacturing and working with brands, both large and small.


Over the years he has amassed a large social media following and maintains solid relationships with his fans and collectors. He has been involved in both group and solo art shows in the UK and US. Most recently he took part in a curated art show for the Chicago Bulls, showcased his work at Designer Con in LA and completed art installations, along with teaching local kids about digital art with Pow! Wow! in Boston.


Thumbs has established a successful art career through his original paintings, art prints and also a highly collected clothing line. He has worked on sold out NFT collections and has also released several collectible art toys. He has worked with brands such as; Virgin Galactic, Xbox, B:Gaming, Looney Tunes, Deadmau5, Slash Snowboards, Chicago Bulls, Hello Kitty and most recently completed a hand painted bass guitar commission for Mark Hoppus from Blink 182.


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