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If you've got any burning questions, feel free to have a breeze through these, they might help! All these are some of your most emailed questions, so I thought I'd take the time to answer them and put them here...

How long does international shipping take?

Officially, international deliveries can take up to 28 working days. However, on the whole, most of the time international orders take around 7-14 working days. So please bare this in mind when emailing :)

Is there a way to track my order?

All UK deliveries are sent on a 2nd class tracked delivery so just drop me an email and I can track it for you. If you're an international customer, you have the option for paying for a tracked service at the checkout. If you did opt for it then please drop me an email and I'll be able to get that information for you. If you didn't select a tracked service, don't worry, International Standard shipping isn't any slower and is still extremely reliable.

Do you except returns and exchanges?

No worries! Just contact me within 14 days of receiving your parcel to let me know you're sending something back. Then pop it in the post to the address that came on the back of the parcel and be sure to enclose a note in the parcel so I know who it's come from etc (For more info head to the Shipping & Returns section)

Do you draw everything yourself?

Yes sir. I draw everything from scratch and then redraw it digitally using an iPad Pro and also a Wacom tablet. I mainly use Adobe Illustrator to do my drawings in.

Do you do commissions?

Indeed I do. Just drop me an email and we can go through what you might need. I can do shirt designs, poster art or draw you inside one of your favourite cartoons.

How did you get the name Thumbs?

It started off as a nickname when I used to work in my local skate shop. Because I was always on my phone and I'm pretty clumsy the guys there started calling me Thumbs as a joke and when I started drawing I posting online I would always sign my pieces "Thumbs" it just kind of stuck.

What tablet do you use?

I mainly use a Wacom Intuous tablet but when I'm on the go (or laying horizontal on my sofa) I use an iPad Pro. I use Adobe Illustrator to put the finishing touches on for larger pieces.